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For more than 100 years, H.B. Fuller’s Foster® brand has manufactured advanced solutions to adhere, seal, coat, encapsulate, remove, and enhance the performance of insulation materials and systems. Our reputation for unwavering quality is matched only by our technical innovation and excellent customer service. Read on to learn how we serve customers across a range of construction projects: 


We have a comprehensive accessory product line that serves the specific needs of the HVAC industry. We provide professionals with high-quality sealants, adhesives, and mastics. Whether you’re looking for an adhesive for all types of insulation, a weather barrier to combat tough conditions, or an HVAC sealant, you can find the right solution for the job.

Mechanical  Insulation

Mechanical insulation requires unwavering quality and longevity of materials. Our Foster®-branded suite of solutions drives innovation in thermal insulation, providing enhanced performance, durability and selection. From industrial processes to commercial building systems, our insulation solutions offer a range of applications and provide improved  system performance and increased ROI for owners and operators. 

Asbestos Abatement 

Make easy work of asbestos containing materials (ACM) our asbestos abatement solutions. Select products cover coating and sealing solutions for encasement and encapsulant, or removal and post removal. Strip ACMs and lock down stray fibers with removal sealers, or when removal is not necessary, block and encase fibers with a strong, long-lasting encapsulant. 

Mold Remediation

We can help you remove, remediate, and restore the devastating effects of mold and mildew growth from water damage. Our Remediation solutions are specially formulated with EPA Registered antimicrobials to prevent the growth and spread of mold on their coating’s surface. And, our restoration products add clean-coat, long-lasting mold resistance to common construction materials such as drywall, wooden studs, OSB and other building materials that may be susceptible to mold growth. 


Today’s world requires heightened hygiene practices, including following a stringent protocol for disinfecting all types of spaces. We are up to the challenge with EPA-registered, ready-to-use First Defense® Disinfectant for home, restaurant, hospital, institutional and industrial uses.

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